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Orgasmic Life

It feels so good to feel ALIVE.

Live an authentic life, in service of love & truth.

Reclaiming our power for more freedom.

(and pleasure)


Next immersion
15 - 18 april
Ardèche (French)

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8 weeks transformation program


Next session in French: 27.01.23
Next session in English: 01.05.23

Join our program to


Allow yourself to be free & dare to choose freedom

Attract abundance & love by vibrating who you truly are

Integrate your shadows, desires & lived experiences

Thrive in your purpose

Receive guidance from your emotions & sensations

Align with your truth & dive into your flow

Get all your desires manifested

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Your 8 weeks journey

January 28th - March 31rst

8 Immersive lives • Community • Tools and embodied experiences to practice • A facilitator to guide you

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Week 1: Clarity brings power

Use your dreams and desires to shape your direction and open new paths.

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Week 2: Unfold the layers (of your soul)

Explore and express your most authentic self.

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Week 3: Receive the wisdom of the Body

Tap into the magical power of your body. Learn to listen from the heart.

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Week 4: Dive into the Darkness

Bring awareness & compassion to your shadows, desires, patterns & addictions.

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Week 5: Kill the dragon

Shatter your mental walls. Liberate yourself.

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Week 6: Open the inner gate

Release control and attract abundance effortlessly.

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Week 7: Radiate your Magic

Show your light to the world and inspire.

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Wek 8: Live an Orgasmic life

Vibrate your orgasmic essence and drop into the flow.

It’s for the dreamers, the leaders, the seekers, those who feel in their heart that there is more to be experienced, more creativity and connection, more fluidity and confidence, more intensity and flavors.


It’s for those who want to take juicy bites of life, to make love endlessly, to experience shameless pleasure and to receive the gifts they long for.

  • Open


8 weeks online program

Time commitment: 3-4h / week

Only LIVE on zoom. (and replay)

Coaching, tools, embody practices, shamanic work, shadow work, relational tools....

Forever access to the community Orgasmic Life. 


A deep and sustainable transformation

Self-sustaining systems to improve our life and relationships.

Implementing efficient algorithms by upgrading our inner Operative System and rewriting the code of everything we believe, we think, we do, we feel, and we focus on.

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Life Empowerment

The entire program is designed to support you to feel, claim and express your highest life expression and potential.

a deep transformation, a reconnection to yourself, your power, gifts, shadows, inner guidance…



You will have the support of the community, your playgroup, and your facilitator while you are unfolding your own journey.

A place of safety, trust, presence, love, intimacy, and authenticity.



Impactful process

It will impact your personal and professional life at all levels.

Awakened, empowered, in community, and in service of love and truth.

A Deep Transformation

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Free yourself from

Embody your

Be aware of your

  • Limiting beliefs

  • Confusion & doubts

  • Fears

  • Control

  • Competition

  • External validation

  • Urgency & Stress

  • Sovereignty

  • Truth

  • Authenticity

  • Creativity

  • Magic

  • Magnetism

  • Wisdom

  • Heatlhy boundaries

  • Power

  • Gifts

  • Patterns

  • Potential

  • Desires

  • Light & dark polarities

  • Feminine & Masculine energies


Meet your guides



Ophelie is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, one of the creative minds behind

An Orgasmic Life.

She is passionate about exploring and transforms herself so she can inspire, share and transform's other people lives.

She takes her inspirations from shamanism, tantra, Jung, Osho, Carl Rogers.

She did HEC (Coaching school)

She built her first startup at the age of 19 yo, she launched during Covid a paid community (250 members around personal development), she hosts a french podcast (+430K listeners), she is designing and guiding transformative retreats & experiences since 2021 and she has more than 100k followers on social media. @opheduvillard

She is creating An Orgasmic Life through her heart and truth, in receptivity from life. She is surrendering to what wants to be created through her. Effortlessly. 


Thibault is a seeker of depth, intimacy, and connection. His whole life has been a path toward bringing more aliveness, presence, authenticity and freedom into his life and others. After studying artificial intelligence in Ecole Polytechnique, he oriented himself toward understanding human complexity and contributing to higher states of consciousness through coaching, tantra and shamanism. He has been teaching tantra trainings in France for the past 3 years within the Tantra Integral School. He co-created The Nest (tantra-related events in Paris), 30ème Ciel (a community that aspires to reinvent coliving in Paris), and Presencia (week-long spontaneous co-created festivals). He is also involved in the Hedoné Festival and the International School of Temple Arts. (ISTA)

His approach relies on a cohesion between a rational scientifically-based foundation, and a deep inspiration from eastern spiritualities and embodied practices. He takes inspiration from the work of Osho, the Internal Family System, Shadow Work, Imago therapy, various coaching tools, Systemic Constellation (or family constellation), theatre-forum (and systemic theatre), Holacracy, the Dynamic Spiral, and a wide array of shamanism. He is mostly passionate about consent, desire, sexual energy, belonging, consciousness, freedom, and what help people feeling their fullness in their day-to-day life.

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See what people are saying

"I don't recall having recently such a deep, joyful, both down-to-earth and spiritual meeting around soul growth and poetry. Ophélie and Thibault are allowing us (but also themselves) to speak with our hearts and be vulnerable (and therefore stronger) in a safe space, where you can feel an horizontality and proximity that you can't find in most programs.


In only an hour and a half, I managed to spot a pattern I've never flushed out before - allowing me to understand something deeply anchored in my story life.


I recommend authentically to immerse yourselves into this beauty, and surrender to the flow. Waiting for the next steps with pleasure ! Masks off ! Lots of gratitude to all the group".



29 yo

“I feel great since the end of this adventure! It's one of the first time in my life that I feel so much in my place. A little shot of self-confidence, it feels good! It's crazy, it seems obvious when I think of others but it wasn't for myself and I feel like this course has created a click in me.

You have opened a door in my life and I am excited to explore this new path.




“I wanted to first express my gratitude for this nourishing, joyful and lively training! And for the constant adaptability throughout the course as everything unfolded for me in a timely manner, as if each proposed structure came at the right time. Hats off to you!

Thank you Thibault for your sharing about your addiction, it was a great sharing of heart and it opened me up to a gigantic understanding of addictions: food, sexual etc... and another way of approaching them and accompanying them


Air traffic controller
34 yo

I learned that in overcoming my anxiety in sharing with you four felt really good, even if I was nervous being vulnerable. It would be beneficial to do more of it to get out of my comfort zone.

I really enjoyed sharing with no judgement, listening and receiving what you wanted to share in the moment. I enjoyed the spirit of community. I also thought Thibault’s insight was really helpful and enriching. Both your energies are great so I thank you, I feel calm but galvanized tonight.



32 yo

“I have experienced so many things during these 3 days, inner transformations, tools and especially a great opening of the heart. In any case my wife finds me changed.

I practiced with her and my daughters the gazing, hugging, bubble practices and even showed them the emotional release tools, and it resonates... Every morning and every night the 4 of us give each other a big hug after looking into each other's eyes. It's so great!


Life Coach
38 yo

“I realize that what I experienced at the training was very strong for me, especially on affirmation. On the one hand, it's super liberating, I feel like a door is opening to a new way of creating my reality. It gives me a certain renaissance effect, it's pretty crazy.

And at the same time, like a bird that is not yet aware that now that its cage is no longer there, it can fly away, but out of habit, it doesn't think about it; it takes me a certain effort (the time it takes for it to become natural) to go and explore this new way


21 yo

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What if I can't attend the live sessions?

All the sessions are recorded.

What time of day are the live sessions?

The first Zoom: 26th January 2023. 7pm CET

Every Tuesday. 7pm CET (2 hours)

Additional Live: You will see with your Playgroup.

How long do I have access to the course materials?

You have access to the course materials forever.

This includes all live sessions, asynchronous video materials and optional sessions.

What’s the refund policy?

Once you're enrolled, refunds will only be given in extenuating circumstances. We can work with you to defer your enrollment to a subsequent cohort if necessary.

Is it possibe to pay in several times?

Yes, you can pay in 3 months (if you enroll before the 12.12.22, and then 2 months)

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