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We believe in everyone’s power of manifesting through being themselves, listening to the flow of life, and effortlessly attracting what they’re meant to receive.

There is an infinite power we can tap into, behind our fears, by owning our desires, feeling our inner fire, and proudly radiating our light.


Beyond the masks, there is this eagerness to be seen, to be touched, to belong, to be felt, recognized, and supported. With authenticity and courage, we can let down those walls and show our vulnerability. We can connect deeply to others and to ourselves, and follow a path of aliveness, spontaneity, and freedom.


It’s time to slow down and reconnect with what really matters: others, ourselves, nature, and the exquisite ordinariness of life.

A new world is emerging, and we want us, as a community, to lead and contribute to this movement. 

New ways of relating, connecting, being, and creating are spreading among us.

Consciousness is the most powerful tool to experience more fullness and aliveness.

It’s time to move toward more trust and acceptance of life.

​It’s time to move toward a more cooperative way of creating, where anyone’s gain is everyone’s gain.

​It’s time to celebrate our uniqueness, our lights, and shadows, our gifts, and challenges, our fears and desires.

​It’s time to make space for this movement to burn everything that we know, everything that we think, everything that we believe, and everything that we identify with.

This is a movement of awakening and gathering, of consciousness and love, of aliveness and mindfulness, of freedom and joy.

This is a movement toward our highest potential, of beauty, empathy, fulfillment, abundance, awe, and wonder.

This is a movement toward the integration of power, sex, and money, toward alignment and channeling of those energies from the heart.

This is a movement of spaciousness, to open our eyes to the richness and juiciness of life, to receive, to take, to serve, and to surrender. To express and to listen, to dream and to lead, to abundance and desire, to witness and to be seen, to hear the music of the silence.

This is a movement for transparency, presence, and spontaneity.

To dance in the flow of life, to manifest way beyond our wildest dreams, to laugh, to cry, to scream, to stay still, to stand in the waterfall of our life force energy, to witness the beauty of each moment, to sing from the depth of our heart, to offer our gifts, to create for others to smile, to learn from each other, to seize each moment and receive its richness and wisdom.

This is a movement for each and every one of us to find our place in this world, to be in our power where our gifts and magic are needed. For our egos to dissolve in the satisfaction of being everything, of being free and loving, of gratitude and contentment.

This is a movement toward the core of what makes us human, what makes us alive, what makes us conscious, what makes us sexual, what makes us vibrate our essence, and what turns on each of our cells.

Let’s turn on the fire of our desires

Let’s turn on power, grace, and beauty

Let’s turn on our limitless imagination and creativity

Let’s turn on freedom and fluidity inside us and around us

Let’s turn on self-confidence and trust in life

Let’s turn on joy and wonder

Let’s turn on love and belonging

Let’s turn on the next step of humanity.

Every day is an adventure, an exploration, a playground, a blank page and a new beginning.

Now is the new “tomorrow”,  sexuality is an expansion of love and not something to get power over or validation, the tears and the laughs should resonate in the street.

​Ideas, creations, and projects are a divine manifestation of life.

​Passion is the fuel of manifestation. We are following our obsession without resistance, without judgment, with curiosity and fun.

We don't try to fix people but welcome them as they are, we celebrate death and don’t try to save at all costs.

We are taking care of our innocence, curiosity, playfulness, we surprise ourselves, evolve, forget and remember.

We see money as a collective ability and energy to make things happen, that dances with power and its polarities. We use our resources efficiently: money, time, energy, words, interactions, ideas, and desires. We optimize fluidity and facilitate the path of life energy to flow.

We put love in the center, and know how to come back to love again and again.

We fully embrace the impermanence of everything and is grateful for each moment. A community that notices the eternity of each moment, the immortality of each being, and the necessity of each step. A community that burns their fears in the fire of their desires.

Every single manifestation of life is welcome, sexuality has a place,  beliefs are tools to serve life, to bring fluidity and compassion.


Truth has so many facets that there is this eagerness to discover more of it. We are willing to be completely crazy, completely out of control, completely falling apart, to start from scratch, to die and rebirth, to fail, again and again, to be ridiculous, to be confused, to be alone. To be everything, to be nothing.

Everyone finds their place and releases their power into co-creation, sharing, and living together. Everyone is themselves, expresses their uniqueness, and ignite the awakening of a new world.

We dive into the full spectrum of emotions, sensations, and experiences.

We want to play, innovate, change, move, dance, and be present in the moment. We have deep sensitivity, can feel space, can feel intimacy, and know when to interact and when not to. We are noticing our freedom, beauty, and creativity, and we don’t try to prove anything

We don’t settle for “fine”, or “good”, but are eager to be ecstatic, full of joy and love, or surrender to sadness and emptiness.

We share our zone of genius, co-create, collaborate & value other’s zone of genius the same as ours. We allow others to see our depth, our struggles, our shadows, open our eyes to see the world and let the world sees us.

We are in our hearts, living the present moment, getting all the flavors and juice of life, rejoicing, and manifesting, in gratitude and presence. We commit ourselves fully to be in the center of the storm, take responsibility, and never blame others, or at least never believe it to be true when we do.

We embrace our traumas, face our triggers, follow the path of discomfort, dance with the pain, and celebrate the challenges.

We look for answers inward and look to offer themselves outward. We take with integrity, receive with gratitude, and find peace and harmony inside to shine our love with more strength, more stability, and more presence.

Our Values


We are choosing everything we do, we are fully responsible over the nature of our experience.

We are following the guidance of our emotions as a compass, expressing our most authentic self and,  are confident to decide, to express and to set boundaries.

It's our responsibility to express our desires, to create the life we want, and to say Yes or No.


The path that is unfolding is the one we decide.
We are expanding our awareness to be more true to ourselves and always be the creator of our reality.


We are diving fully into the life that is happening at the moment, we embrace it.

We are connecting deeply to the wisdom of our body, tuning into the heart to welcome and let love flow.

We are expressing ourselves fully, dancing, crying, being grateful, saying YES, saying NO, connecting deeply, opening our heart, being silent, feeling and expressing pure joy, pure bliss....


We attune ourselves to everything that moves and  flows around us, so we can find the path of effortlessness, and reach our highest potential. We open ourselves to a new world of endless possibilities.
We are vibrating, magnetizing, asking and welcoming what wants to be seen, heard, felt, created through us. 

Life itself conspires to our success, to bring us what we truly desire. Love, joy, ideas, and power are eager to flow through us if we make space and learn how to notice and receive it.


We manifest, transmute our dreams, visions, emotions and stories into powerful creations that fill the world and ourselves.

We are expressing ourselves fully, offering our magical powers where they are needed the most.

It's time to be seen, to be heard, to be felt, to incarnate the life that inspires us.

We are owning and liberating our wildness, our craziness and all the colors and facets inside us. 

We are leaders for a new world to awaken, it's time for our beauty to shine and our power to be felt. 


We are slowing down and taking time to contemplate. 

We are perfect, we are enough, we are amazing, we are valid. 

We attract abundance from a place of love, creation, freedom and not lack.

We are a powerful manifesting life force, and we can also be compassionate, curious, amazed, grateful for everything we have been through, everything we are now and excited about what is to come.

We are celebrating our success, who we are, where we are, others... and share love and support around us.

Contemplation leads to gratitude, happiness, fulfillment, and bliss.



We never stop learning, evolving, growing, improving and exploring.  We are in constant "work in progress", while enjoying where we are.

We are celebrating the lessons, we are supported by life, we are enjoying the journey. 


The magic happens when creativity and innovation can thrive, authenticity and intimacy can be felt.


Online Program


Trainings & Gathering

Immersive journey & experiences around the world (300 people)

Meet the founders


Ophélie Duvillard

Ophelie is a multi-passionate entrepreneur, one of the creative minds behind

An Orgasmic Life.

She is the face and voice of our movement.

She loves to connect and bring people toward a vision, so together, we can co-create the future (of relating, creating, and being).

She built her first startup at the age of 19 yo, she launched during Covid a paid community (250 members around personal development), she hosts a french podcast (+430K listeners), she is designing and guiding transformative retreats & experiences since 2021 and she has more than 100k followers on social media. @opheduvillard

For the past 25 years, she was created and built through her mind and mostly with her masculine energy. 3 years ago, following a failure and a break-up, she started her path of reconnection to her body, emotions, intuitions, feminine energy, and sexuality...

She is creating An Orgasmic Life through her heart and truth, in receptivity from life. She is surrendering to what wants to be created through her. Effortlessly. 

Thibault guide.png

Thibault Ferber

Thibault is a seeker of depth, intimacy, and connection.

He is the expert behind An Orgasmic Life

His whole life has been a path toward bringing more aliveness, presence, authenticity and freedom into his life and others. After studying artificial intelligence in Ecole Polytechnique, he oriented himself toward understanding human complexity and contributing to higher states of consciousness through coaching, tantra and shamanism. He has been teaching tantra trainings in France for the past 3 years within the Tantra Integral School. He co-created The Nest (tantra-related events in Paris), 30ème Ciel (a community that aspires to reinvent coliving in Paris), and Presencia (week-long spontaneous co-created festivals). He is also involved in the Hedoné Festival and the International School of Temple Arts. (ISTA)

His approach relies on a cohesion between a rational scientifically-based foundation, and a deep inspiration from eastern spiritualities and embodied practices. He takes inspiration from the work of Osho, the Internal Family System, Shadow Work, Imago therapy, various coaching tools, Systemic Constellation (or family constellation), theatre-forum (and systemic theatre), Holacracy, the Dynamic Spiral, and a wide array of shamanism. He is mostly passionate about consent, desire, sexual energy, belonging, consciousness, freedom, and what help people feeling their fullness in their day-to-day life.

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